COVID-19 Information

For the safety of your members, please ensure your organization adheres to the following state and university protocols, effective until further notice.


Recognized Student Organizations may not host formal or informal events, activities, meetings, or gatherings in person. All fall 2020 events and gatherings — whether on or off campus — should be virtual.

Note: An event is defined as a planned activity, other than academic classes scheduled as part of the university curriculum, that is held in a university building or outdoor space on a university campus or with a community partner. A gathering is defined as a formal or informal assembly of people that is either planned or spontaneous. These restrictions do not prohibit gatherings for the purpose of the expression of First Amendment protected speech. However such gatherings must follow the established Time, Place, and Manner policy.

Facility Reservation Requests: Unavailable

Event Plans (E-Plans), the online platform for recognized student organizations to submit event requests, are unavailable. Further, classroom and lab reservations are limited to support academic class instruction. In addition, ASI facilities will be unavailable for reservation. 


Club travel is suspended through June 30, 2021. The CSU Chancellor’s Office has extended all international and non-essential domestic travel restrictions for all CSU campuses and associated auxiliary organizations. This includes all registered student organizations.

Your Actions Save Lives

These protocols are created in alignment with direction from Governor Newsom’s guidance for institutions of higher education, San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CAL OSHA, and California State University. 

Every person has a responsibility to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. That means wearing a face covering, practice physical distancing and following all of the local, county and state guidelines, including the safety enhancement zone established by the city of San Luis Obispo. Cal Poly receives daily reports from the San Luis Obispo Police Department and will be enforcing violations of these orders via the student conduct process. 

Individuals or organizations that engage in behavior that compromises the health and safety of the Cal Poly community will be sanctioned, including suspension or expulsion from the university. Each of you that chooses to come to San Luis Obispo this fall is committing to upholding these guidelines, without exception.

Questions & Answers

How long will these protocols be in place?

All fall 2020 events and gatherings — whether on or off campus — cannot be in-person and should be virtual. All travel is suspended through June 30, 2021. Cal Poly will continue to actively monitor the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), and update the Cal Poly Coronavirus Information website accordingly.

Can I still visit in-person with other students or community members apart from club activities?

While Recognized Student Organizations may not host formal or informal events, that protocol does not impact the rights of individuals to engage in safe social interactions. Such gatherings should be in compliance with county ordinances and should not, in any way, be conducted as a club event. Visit the Cal Poly Coronavirus website for guidance on preventative steps to engage in social interactions during the pandemic.

How will ASI Club Services approach payment requests for events?

ASI Club Services will continue to remain open, offering services necessary for clubs to conduct business. ASI Club Services cannot honor payment requests for expenses that do not align with guidelines and protocols from governing authorities and the university (I.e. in person events or club travel). However, reimbursements will be honored for club activities that adhere to current university policies and protocols (i.e.  virtual meetings, events, or activities). 

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