Inter-fraternity Council

Mission Statement

The Gentlemen of the Cal Poly InterFraternity Council strive to experience an enriched college experience focused on six pillars. Leadership, Community, Scholarship, Unity, Sustainability, Professionalism are the tenets that make a fraternity man exemplary. We are leaders academically, philanthropically and socially with a commitment to achieve maximum potential in all aspects of life. As part of IFC we form lifelong friendships with our brothers and strive to leave a legacy.


The Interfraternity Council has 10 executive officers that oversee the IFC community of 16 chapters. Each week, this council meets to discuss upcoming events, business and the state of the community.


Every fall and winter quarter, formal IFC recruitment is hosted IFC, where each chapter will host recruitment events and invite potential members to join the Fraternity community. For more recruitment information, visit the recruitment page here.

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We have proudly adopted Aware Awake Alive as our Philanthropy! 


  1. Hazing Prevention Initiatives

  2. Aware Awake Alive Philanthropy

  3. Sexual Assault Education & Prevention

  4. Healthy Masculinity

  5. Interfraternity Relationships


Monday’s at 5:10 pm in UU220 for our weekly meetings in the Fall 2018 quarter

Visit our council page here.

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