University “Recognized” vs. “Unrecognized” Organizations

It is important for students and families to understand the differences between University “Recognized” and “Unrecognized” fraternities or sororities:

  • Recognized

    A "Recognized" fraternity or sorority is one that is in good standing with the University. University recognized fraternities and sororities receive advising for performance related to University policies and standards, including the Standards of Excellence program and Student Code of Conduct. These organizations have the privilege of using University facilities and equipment, holding meetings and programs on campus, recruiting new members that will be recognized by the University, participating in University-sponsored activities and events, and other benefits outlined in Cal Poly, Student Organizations Handbook

  • Unrecognized

    An “Unrecognized” fraternity or sorority is no longer associated with the University. The organizations and their members do not receive any support or advisement from the University. Unrecognized fraternities may not participate in any university-sponsored activity and may not utilize any property owned, operated, leased or managed by Cal Poly. The University has severed its relationship with these organizations due to significant and serious concerns over the health and safety of our students and university community, and the University would strongly discourage maintaining or seeking membership in these organizations.

Some organizations that were once recognized Greek-lettered organizations at Cal Poly, despite having lost recognition from the University and/or the Interfraternity Council (IFC), and/or the United Sorority & Fraternity Council and choose to continue to operate.

The following fraternities have lost recognition from the University and/or the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and/or the United Sorority & Fraternity Council within the past few years:

 ΤKE - Tau Kappa Epsilon

  • Recognition revoked for a period of 2 academic years.The organization will be eligible to apply to Cal Poly and the Interfraternity Council (IFC) for recolonization to the campus community for Winter Quarter 2021. Violation of Alcohol, Violation of Health and Safety, Disorderly Behavior, Violation of Policies, Violations of Laws, Hazing and Conspiracy to Haze. 

ΛΦE - Lambda Phi Epsilon

  • Recognition revoked for a minimum of 2 academic years - effective immediately. Violation of Registered Student Organization Code of Conduct, Violation of health and safety, Violation of alcohol use, Violations of law, Violation of hazing & conspiracy to haze 

 ΚΧ - Kappa Chi

  • Recognition revoked indefinitely.

 ΣΧ - Sigma Chi

  • Recognition revoked.
  • Reinstatement will not be considered prior to 2025.
  • Hazing-Alcohol to minors

 ΣΑΕ -Sigma Alpha Epsilon

  • Reinstatement will not be considered prior to December 2, 2033.
  • Hazing - alcohol to minors resulting in a death.

 ΠΚΑ - Pi Kappa Alpha

  • Recognition revoked.
  • Reinstatement will not be considered until 2019 or until the last member initiated into the current chapter has graduated.
  • Providing alcohol to minors; serving alcohol at an open party with unrestricted access by non-members.

 ΑΓΩ - Alpha Gamma Omega

  • Recognition revoked due to Executive Order 1068.
  • Eligible to table on-campus in the University
  • Union Plaza and Dexter Lawn.


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