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The Fraternity & Sorority community here at Cal Poly is home to 38 social Greek organizations comprised of 21 Fraternities and 17 sororities and almost 4000 students. Every Greek organization is affiliated with one of the 3 governing councils: Panhellenic Council, United Sorority & Fraternity Council and the Interfraternity Council.

Our community sets high standards for its members and focuses on our 6 pillars of excellence: Scholarship & Learning, Leadership & Values, Community Service & Philanthropy, Safety & Risk Management, Brotherhood & Sisterhood and Diversity & Inclusion.

Every year the members of our community work together to hold each other accountable to these pillars by hosting philanthropic events, community service initiatives, high academic standards, as well as providing opportunities to give members a home away from home at Cal Poly through brotherhood and sisterhood retreats, Greek Week or partnering with other clubs and organizations to build a stronger network.

Last year, our community completed almost 40,000 community service hours and raised almost half a million dollars for National causes and over $5000 for Jack’s Helping Hand, which helps children with special needs, right here in San Luis Obispo. Additionally, our community hosted over 200 educational programs as well as had 24% of members on the Dean’s List for academics and has prioritized even greater efforts to provide academic support.

Once you join a Greek organization, you will have the opportunity to join academic honors societies and utilize all of the resources provided to these organizations.

Mission of the Fraternity & Sorority Life office

MISSION: The mission of the Fraternity & Sorority Life office is to foster the learning and development of students who affiliate with the social fraternities and sororities at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. The Fraternity & Sorority Life office will provide opportunities and support for our community to be a relevant and contributing part of fulfilling the mission of both the Dean of Students and the institution.

VISION: To accomplish our mission, the Fraternity & Sorority Life office will provide opportunities and support to meet the Standards of Excellence set within the six pillars of our community through the following:


Pillar 1 - Scholarship & Learning

To advance Scholarship & Learning, Fraternity & Sorority Life will promote academic excellence and intellectual growth through:

  • Advocating for our community to achieve academic standards above the all-student average
  • Promoting success of all members through recognition and accountability initiatives
  • Providing a system of support to assist students in meeting their educational and personal goals
  • Providing opportunities for students to integrate in-class and out-of-class learning
  • Complementing the academic mission of the university

Pillar 2 - Leadership & Values

To advance Leadership & Values, Fraternity & Sorority Life will maximize the potential and abilities of our students through:

  • Advocating for congruence with the ritual and values of our chapters, councils, and community
  • Providing opportunities for self-governance, and organizational leadership and development
  • Providing education and experience in leadership, collaboration, identity development, personal and moral development
  • Connecting members to leadership opportunities across campus, in the local community, and within their national or international organizations

Pillar 3 - Community Service & Philanthropy

To advance Service & Philanthropy, Fraternity & Sorority Life will encourage a culture of community engagement and volunteerism through:

  • Advocating for students to lead positive change on campus and in our surrounding community
  • Supporting chapter's efforts to advance espoused philanthropy and service interests
  • Providing opportunities for community service, service-learning, and philanthropic projects
  • Providing systems for chapter and individual recognition, and community reports to demonstrate impact

Pillar 4 - Safety & Risk Management

To advance Safety & Risk Management, Fraternity & Sorority Life will prioritize individual and community safety/accountability through:

  • Coordinating life safety, facility management, and risk management programs in conjunction with local agencies
  • Assessing and taking action to mitigate potential risks
  • Implementing and enforcing a party registration process/training that outlines and teaches chapter leaders on safe event procedures
  • Ensuring a zero tolerance for hazing, bullying, sexual assault, violence or hate of any kind

Pillar 5 - Brotherhood & Sisterhood

To advance Brotherhood & Sisterhood, Fraternity & Sorority Life will cultivate an inclusive and respectful interfraternal community through:

  • Advocating for collaboration and appreciation amongst chapters, councils, and community
  • Modifying or removing policies, practices, systems, technologies, facilities, and structures that create barriers or produce inequities
  • Providing open recruitment opportunities to those seeking connection, meaning, and purpose
  • Promoting lifelong involvement by providing connection for members beyond graduation

Pillar 6 - Diversity & Inclusion

To advance Diversity & Inclusion, Fraternity & Sorority Life will foster communication and practices that enhance understanding of identity, culture, self-expression, and heritage through:

  • Advocating for sensitivity to multicultural and social justice concerns
  • Promoting respect for commonalities and differences among people within their historical and cultural contexts
  • Modifying or removing policies, practices, systems, technologies, facilities, and structures that create barriers or produce inequities
  • Addressing the characteristics and needs of diverse constituents when establishing and implementing culturally relevant and inclusive programs, services, policies, procedures, and practices

*development of Pillars and outcomes created by using the Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS Standards) as reference


An outcome is an action that demonstrates learning, growth and increased competence. Successful members of fraternities and sororities at Cal Poly participate in local and national/international activities that develop or demonstrate the following outcomes...

  1. Members are provided opportunities to be academically successful and come to value knowledge acquisition; as a result they view their fraternity/sorority experience as influencing learning that informs decision-making throughout their lives. (Scholarship & Learning)
  2. Members become aware of individual, chapter, Fraternity/Sorority Community, and campus values; as a result, they reflect on how actions and values are aligned and aspire to increased congruence between espoused and enacted values. (Leadership & Values)
  3. Members understand the need to serve and provide financial support to their communities; as a result, they demonstrate civic engagement and become contributing members of society. (Community Service & Philanthropy)
  4. Members across generations establish personal and professional connections; as a result, they develop lifelong friendships and foster mentoring relationships. (Brotherhood & Sisterhood)
  5. Members develop a sense of respect and responsibility; as a result, members demonstrate genuine care and concern for others, and keeping them safe. (Safety & Risk Management) 
  6. Members understand the importance of diversity and inclusion; as a result, members can identify the need to eliminate barriers that produce inequities (Diversity & Inclusion)     

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