Fraternity & Sorority Educational Leadership

Throughout the academic year the Fraternity & Sorority Life office provides opportunities to our students for growth and development through the Fraternity and Sorority Education Training Series and the Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Training Series. These series offer a variety of workshops where students attend and are able to gain knowledge from campus partners in the Cross Cultural Centers, the Center for Leadership, Safer, University Police, WITHUS, Men & Masculinity and many more! 


Fraternity & Sorority Education Series 

The Fraternity & Sorority Education Series includes:

Safer Education Series:

A training hosted by the Safer office for all members of fraternity & sorority life. Each member will attend one training in fall, winter, and spring quarters where they will engage in content surrounding sexual assault prevention and education. Each training builds upon the content covered in previous trainings to increase depth of knowledge and connection to the cause. This training can take place in the form of large group trainings, or in small group trainings with a representative from each chapter, who will then facilitate the training during a chapter meeting. 

Diversity & Inclusion Education Series:

Trainings hosted by the Multi-Cultural Center for all members of fraternity & sorority life. These trainings focus on individual identities and narratives where members can engage and relate to each other through shared experiences. Each training builds upon the content covered in previous trainings to increase peer accountability, self-reflection, and community commitment to celebrating diversity at Cal Poly. This training can take place in the form of large group trainings, or in small group trainings with a representative from each chapter, who will then facilitate the training during a chapter meeting. 

Welcome Institute: 

Every quarter there is a new member education program, known as Welcome Institute for those individuals who accept their bids from Recruitment. New Member Education programs must include four tenets: leadership development, sexual assault prevention, mental health, alcohol & drug use/misuse, and brotherhood/sisterhood. Programs will vary per quarter and has/will include, but not limited to: girl-on-girl bullying, hazing prevention, Safer presentations to chapters, workshops, educational sessions, speakers, and more.

Bystander Intervention Training:

Partnering with WITHUS, we have implemented a training that focuses on bystander intervention techniques. This program was piloted in the 2019 year and from this pilot we have adopted a "train the trainer" model. A member from every fraternity and sorority will be trained by campus professionals on bystander intervention and will be given the tools to take back to their chapter members. This ongoing training was piloted in fall 18 and was implemented in winter 19 quarter. Currently, we will ensure all members of the FSL community receive this training, annually. 

Social Risk Management Training: 

Every quarter, the Fraternity & Sorority Life office hosts workshops for all members of the Greek community to attend to learn more about safe event planning procedures, sexual assault, diffusing conflicts, and all local laws and university policy. Chapters also have the option of having this workshop facilitated to their entire chapter upon request.

Hazing Prevention Week:

During the fall quarter, the Fraternity & Sorority Life office, in collaboration with the 3 Greek councils, host a Hazing Prevention Week right after formal recruitment, to ensure that all members are being educated on hazing, safe new member education practices and bystander intervention. This week consists of awareness days hosted in the UU Plaza, film screenings, round table discussions with chapter leaders and keynote speakers. Leaders in the community will meet year-round to discuss hazing prevention efforts and ensure safe practices are enforced in the community.

Additionally, the Fraternity & Sorority Life office requires every member of the community to complete an online hazing prevention module every year. 



Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Series 

The Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Series includes:

Staff Consultant Program: 

Individual chapter training occurs on a needs basis. Chapters have the ability to schedule trainings provided by the Fraternity & Sorority Life office on topics ranging from how to building a budget to planning safe events. Chapters will work with their staff consultant to schedule and create a training that fits their needs. Learn more about our Staff Consultant Program here.

Greek Leadership Institute:

Greek Institute is an off-site retreat focused on building personal leadership skills, hosted every winter quarter. Chapter and council leadership will build skills and come away with tangible goals to help strengthen chapter and council operations, to bring the Cal Poly Fraternity and Sorority community together and to new levels of excellence. All chapter presidents and council officers must attend this retreat. In the 21-22 academic year, members in attendance will expand to provide training to additional officers from each chapter. 

Officer Institute:

The annual meeting for all chapter Presidents, chapter officers and council officers, office staff and Cal Poly partners to come together to prepare for the upcoming academic year. This day long institute gives the chapters an opportunity for campus and community partners to connect and provide important information to chapter and council leadership so they have the necessary resources to lead their chapters and councils in the upcoming year.

Standards of Excellence:

The program will review chapter performance over one calendar year through the submission of narratives, event summaries, chapter programs, and other detailed supplemental materials. Assesses chapter performance based on the six pillars of Fraternity & Sorority Life at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo: Scholarship & Learning, Leadership & Values, Philanthropy & Service, Safety & Risk Management, Unity & Belonging, and Diversity & Inclusion.All chapters are required to participate. Chapters will be reviewed by an external review committee and the Fraternity and Sorority Life staff.


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